cnet business unit carlysle-human-capital

CNET is a Business Unit of Carlysle Human Capital that offers a Deferred Human Resource Cost Solution to selected Corporate, Professional, Manufacturing, Engineering and Information Communications Technology (ICT) Industries in both Private Enterprise and Government Sectors of South Africa.

Via Carlysle Human Capital, an APSO Registered Human Resource Services company, CNET enables clients to defer their human resource cost of ownership for project and fixed-term resources. Our value offering lies in the fact that all Human Resource costs are deferred for a period of 1, 2 or 3 months whilst control of the in- and output of human resource contributions are managed via Service Level Agreements. CNET is therefore a combination of an Outsourced Intellectual Property Service and Finance Solution.

Any Human Resource whose services we retain during the period of a project has an immediate, and sole, employment relationship with CNET. CNET therefore takes immediate and full ownership of all statutory and labor legislation responsibilities of each and every human resource retained during a project.

The recent Labour Legislation announcement(in respect of Labour Broking) has resulted in some confusion in the South African business environment. However, since our inception, Carlysle Human Capital’s business has always remained clear about the definition thereof. We do not provide labour, but rather an Intellectual Property (IP) Service to a client, managed via a Service Level Agreement that measures pre-determined outputs and deliverables. Any Human Resource retained by us is regarded as a permanent employee (or a fixed term employee) depending on the size and nature of the project with our client.

The CNET value proposition therefor includes the full spectrum of Human Resource Business Process outsourcing in either its fullest sense of the value chain or in selected processes.

The offers:

  • Fixed Term or Permanent Contracting Solutions
  • Payroll administration and execution
  • Human Resource and related business function outsourcing
  • Statutory, Legal and Labour
  • Relations Outsourcing and Compliance

The essence of our value offering is our understanding of the South African Corporate, Manufacturing and ICT landscape, our ability to source appropriately skilled human resources into a meaningful IP Service Solution, and our ability to rapidly provide streamlined off-balance sheet financing with minimal risk exposure, combined with deferred cashflow benefits for our Clients.

How does it work?

We appoint and retain resources and administer all HR and Statutory requirements.

We provide necessary tools and equipment to resources.

We pre-define and agree on a Service Level Agreement in conjunction with our clients.

We manage and report back on performance and progress based on the Service Level Agreement.

You enjoy off-balance sheet financing without credit checks or guarantees.

You enjoy an outsourced IP Service of which the primary contributor is the Intellectual Capability of the human resources on the project.

We handle all HR and payroll functions whilst retaining all on-site accountability.