The Candidate Experience

What our candidates are saying about us.

  • Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, much appreciated! Some quick feedback regarding things at CAPRISA. I can honestly pinch myself and thank the Almighty every day for this position. I am enjoying it thoroughly and love the fact that my work impacts the community in such a huge way! The work is challenging me in every way and I love working with the team of colleagues I have. May you be blessed always for placing me here. I will be forever grateful.

    Aslam, Durban
  • Dear Andrea and the Carlysle Team. Just a little something to thank you for all your hard work and encouragement through this process. Happy Holidays!

    Nicole, Cape Town
  • I want to thank Mary Ann and the Carlysle team for being so proactive and professional on producing excellent job opportunities for me. You have been the best recruitment agency I have dealt with thus far! I will definitely contact you again going forward and now regard Carlysle as my primary recruitment agency.

    Lesley, Durban
  • I am absolutely loving my new job! I can’t believe my luck, seriously … huge difference from any other previous work I’ve done and I am enjoying this immensely. And as you know (I may sound like a broken record by now, but its honestly how I feel) I cannot thank you enough for having the faith in me and placing me at this position. May you be successful in everything you do and may you rise to achievements even you never thought were possible in all areas of your life.

    Reshaad, Durban
  • Thank you so much for the goodies. My family will enjoy the Halloween candy immensely, and its quite nice to see you and your company really go the extra mile, as always. Again it was a pleasure to meet the person so instrumental in changing my life and we will be forever indebted knowing that you had faith in my capabilities. Thank you once again.

    Cyril, Durban
  • I want to thank you for everything. You helped me from the very beginning. The interview that we had, I was so comfortable. Talking to you was very easy and for the 1st time ever, I met someone from a recruitment agency who really cares about helping others. Someone who isn’t “just doing her job”. You really took an interest and truly cared if the interviews went well. You cared about assessments. You guided me through this process. I’m so so grateful. Thank you so much for everything. I’ve gotten so used to talking to you, it’s going to be weird not waiting for an email from you.

    Joami , Durban
  • Dear Andrea,
    I must commend your professionalism as a recruiter and look forward to engaging with you further.

    Johnathan, Overberg
  • It is going great thanks! Such an awesome bunch of guys I am working with and the work they are doing is exactly what I wanted to be doing. The feeling I got from my very first interview is really what it is like to work there. I get on very well with my team leader and he is really a genius on SQL. So every day I am learning new SQL database techniques and learning their systems and databases. Really really happy. Best move I could have ever made. I can’t believe it!

    Justin, Durban
  • I made the right move for sure. These guys are so awesome and so supportive. I keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. The work they are doing is exactly what I am studying. So now it makes the theory I am studying so much more applicable. Thank you Mary Ann and Andrea so much! I really cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart. Sincerely thank. you.

    Mbali, Durban
  • Andrea, I will remember you for a number of reasons, mostly because you treated me exceptionally well, and did not follow the performance norm of most recruiters that I had dealt with up to meeting you. I got updates and help the whole time you were working with me, for which I am also very grateful.

    Andrew, Durban
  • Finding a job can be very stressful but thanks to Carlysle, I found a great job! I would like to send a BIG thank you to the Carlysle Team that has helped me. Thank you for your patience and your genuine passion. You listened to what I wanted and looked for specifically that, replied promptly to my emails and I’m so grateful for that. I recommend you guys to anyone is job hunting. You make things happen! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Mabuyi, Durban
  • After being retrenched and searching for .. what seemed to be an eternity … a Linux / UNIX job in Durban, your Linked In message was an absolute answer to prayer! Thank you for the way you championed my CV through to HR and the team looking to employ and engineer – really your great service and help is exemplary of the great work you and all at Carlysle do. It’s about going the extra mile for your candidates. Thanks for keeping me in the loop at all stages and keeping me calm whilst we waited for the company’s approval and what is … my dream job!

    Christian, Durban
  • I would like to take this opportunity once more and thank you, Andrea, for the wonderful journey I had with you and Carlysle over the past 2 years. You became an integral part of my career and I feel so fortunate when I look back where we came from. It is now Official I have started the permanent post with DSI today. Keep doing the good work.

    Webster, Pretoria
  • Once again, many thanks to Jamaica and Andrea for the wonderful attention you gave me during the recent recruitment process with IOEC. From the start of the process, you kept me updated. You were attentive, professional, and friendly. This went a very long way to reassure me, as being back in the job market was gruelling, competitive, and truthfully quite ruthless. There were times it got so bad it stripped me of my confidence. I wanted to throw in the towel and give up! I have had rather unflattering experiences with recruiters and became jaded. You converted my opinion on the recruitment process at large. So, thank you very much for all your assistance, phone calls, feedback chats and motivation over the last several weeks.

    Sharon, Durban

APSO Code of Ethics – What should you, the candidate, know?

  • APSO is the Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations, APSO is tasked with continuously improving standards and providing guidance to stakeholders on developments and trends in the staffing industry. All recruitment agencies that are registered as APSO members are compelled by the Code of Ethics & Codes of Professional Practice and are governed by the Institute of Ethics South Africa. The Codes are in place in order to set universal standards with the aim of assuring that professionalism amongst its members is maintained. The Codes offer assistance on matters regarding legal agreements, professional practice and the minimum service levels that should be to given by APSO members to their clients as well as candidates.
  • All candidates dealing with recruitment agencies should be aware of the following points highlighted from the APSO Code of Ethics:
  • No matter what reason an agency may give, It is against the APSO Code to charge a candidate any sort of fee.
  • Agencies may not enter into or force candidates to sign contracts or agreements that would hold them responsible for compensation for the failure to perform according to the established or agreed-upon specification.
  • An agency may not divulge any information that they have on candidates to clients without first obtaining permission. Therefore, an agency may not send the CV of any candidate to their clients without first acquiring permission from the candidate.
  • An agency may not market a candidates CV to any clients without first conducting an interview with the candidate in order to obtain the correct information and to make sure that the information that is stated on their CV is correct. The Candidate must ensure that all the information submitted is always precise.
  • All interviewing conducted by agencies should to be done with an approach that maintains the Candidates privacy and confidentiality. The approach also needs to, as far as possible, provide anonymity from other candidates.
  • An agency cannot prevent a candidate from searching for job opportunities through other sources, i.e. through other agencies or by making use of their own sources. However, Agencies may enter into an exclusivity or sole mandate agreement to represent a candidate providing that it is limited to specified clients.
  • All information gathered from Candidates must, at all times, remain confidential and must be used merely for recruitment purposes with precautionary measures put into place to avoid threatening the Candidates current employment.
  • An agency may not submit details of any candidate to their clients without first disclosing the name of the client to the candidate
  • An agency must keep Candidates informed about the outcome of all applications as soon as a decision is made by the client.
  • All tests that are required to be completed within the recruitment process can only be carried out once permission has been given by the Candidate. Additionally, it needs to be performed in compliance with current legislation.
  • Credit, qualification, criminal and employment reference checking must be taken in strict accordance with the applicable legislation and with the express permission from the candidate.