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Carlysle Human Capital - News

News from the World of Carlysle

Lending a helping hand.

With the end of 2015 characterized by so much unrest in the tertiary education sector, there were still people out there who placed their hand in their own pockets to make a positive contribution.

Werner de Lange, Senior Associate of Carlysle Human Capital decided to lend a helping hand to a deserving student who has displayed an attitude of solution finding rather than looking for problems, a characteristic South Africa so desperately needs for a better future.

Andile Mlambo needed funding to complete his studies as a Health and Fitness Professional. “When my sons Wallace and Owen approached me about a friend of theirs needing help, I decided to investigate the matter further.” said de Lange. “During the interview with Andile, I realized that there are kids out there that actually look at the glass as half full rather than half empty; even though their taps have literally run dry. After doing some references on Andile, I decided that this kid needed a break.“

Carlysle therefor decided to fund his final year of studies and is proud to announce that Andile has qualified as a HFPSA with a diploma in personal training. Andile started his own HFP Consulting Service and is now on course to earning a good living. Andile’s dream is to build a house for his mother and his siblings. “We wish you God Speed kid. You deserve it. “