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Carlysle Human Capital - News

News from the World of Carlysle

Charity begins at WORK

March 2016 

When long-time employee Eunice Lekhoaana approached the company for support in building her first home, she never expected such a positive outcome. After years of waiting for assistance from local authorities, Eunice could no longer sit around and wait for empty promises to be fulfilled.
Seeing her being frustrated at every turn, Senior Associate Werner de Lange decided that Carlysle needed to intervene and assist.

After assessing her situation and her number of years of loyal service, Carlysle decided to go the extra mile, by building her a home on a piece of land she had acquired herself.
With the assistance of Werner’s son, Wallace, a Civil Engineering Student at Tuks, her new home was completed and handed over in January 2016. “How can we expect our staff to give it their all at work when they don’t even have the basics at home?” commented de Lange. “They say: Charity begins at home. But with Carlysle being like a home for all our staff, Charity begins at Work!”