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Carlysle Commodities



Carlysle Commodities is a Strategic Business Unit within the Carlysle Group. The Carlysle Group has been a service provider to both  the Private and Government Sectors since 2003 and is a proudly South African company with a BBBEE rating of Level 2. The Carlysle Group has been a registered member of the South African Central Database (CSD) since its inception, and with our 14-year track record we regard ourselves as a good corporate citizen that strives to make a significant contribution to the growth and development of the SA economy.

The primary focus of Carlysle Commodities is to buy or sell commodity contracts, products and services on behalf of our Clients. It’s important to note that this does not include any commodities such as financial contracts, futures, options or similar financial derivatives. Carlysle Commodities only trades in non-financial products and services which are guaranteed by their producers/manufacturers and complies with all applicable Industry-specific commercial and trading requirements. Carlysle Commodities guarantees the brokering of buy and sell agreements with their clients, and hedges both buying and selling parties against risk until the successful acquisition and or delivery/completion of projects from and to its clients has been fulfilled. Payment and collection of fees only occurs after sign off by both buying and selling clients.

Apart from assisting with the management of commercial risk, Carlysle Commodities also hedges both buyers and sellers against the current accreditation ‘stumbling blocks’ such as CDS registration and BBB-EE ratings-levels. When partaking in a Carlysle Commodity transaction deal, both buyer and seller are trading in an environment where SARS Tax Clearance Certification, CSD Certification, Labour and Commercial Law Compliance and BBB-EE Certification requirements are taken care of. We do all the necessary reporting, submission and other legal compliance requirements, as required within the specific trading environment.

We aim to bring willing buyers and sellers together in a commercially-friendly environment where effectiveness of the actual transaction is more important than adherence to often cluttered and counter-productive roadmaps of many trading processes and practices.

Trading with Carlysle Commodities will make buying and selling of commodities the most effective part of your value chain. We look forward to becoming a strategic Partner in your business process and thereby adding significant value to your bottom line.